Ghelamco Group was established by Paul Gheysens in Belgium in 1985. The company started as a general contractor focusing on industrial real estate. As the company grew, we expanded our operations to small offices and residential projects in Belgium. In the early nineties, Ghelamco Group identified opportunities in the Polish offices, warehousing and residential market. This heralded a highly successful expansion into that Central European country, where we have now gained invaluable experience in obtaining and executing building permits for the best available land plots.

Ghelamco Poland is active on Polish market since 1991 and through the years became one of the leaders in commercial real estate. The company specialises in delivering class A office space, warehouses, and also high-class residential projects. So far Ghelamco has delivered over 400 000 sq m of modern office space to the Polish market and sold 15 projects in Poland for 850 000 mln EURO. Ghelamco's developments shape the image of Warsaw, located in prestigious business locations such as the city centre, Wola and Mokotów districts. Other investments are located in developing regions such as Wrocław and Katowice. Within next 4 years company plans to deliver another 400 000 sqm of office space, from which over 160 000 sqm are already under construction. Ghelamco observes professional standards and ensures high quality of its developments, while applying sustainable building solutions. The company was the first developer in Poland to receive the most popular ecological BREEAM certificate for office building in Poland. Due to its great quality Ghelamco’s buildings are being constantly chosen for headquarters by such prestigious tenants as e.g Unilever, Kraft Foods, KPMG, BNP Paribas, Google, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BMW, Hyundai, Oriflame, PKN Orlen, Rabobank, LEGG MASON, Euronet, Turon, Netia, Play, Allianz and many more.

In 2005, Ghelamco Group further expanded its operations in the logistics market in Russia and Ukraine. In Belgium, we grew our activities in the retail market and in mixed use urban projects. Today, Ghelamco Group is synonymous with a market leader that combines its strengths of a reliable, high quality and diversified real estate developer in a wide field of market segments with inherent flexibility to anticipate new market trends. Our capabilities have been widely recognized by the market via numerous awards, such as:

Awards for company:

  • "Developer of the year 2016" awarded by EuropaProperty, CEE Investment & Green Building Awards
  • "Most Innovative Developer 2016" awarded by Warsaw Business Journal, Book of list 2016/2017
  • "Best Office Developer of the year 2016 in CEE" aardend by Eurobuild Awards
  • "Developer of the year 2016" awarded by the Construction & Investment Journal
  • "Developer and General Contractor 2013" awarded by Construction Company awards by Builder
  • "Best Office Developer of the year for 2013" awarded by CiJ
  • "Best Office Developer in CEE for 2012" awarded by Eurobuild
  • "Best Office Developer of the year for 2012" awarded by CiJ
  • "Best Belgian Exporter for 2012" awarded by Belgian Business Chamber
  • "Belgian Business Chamber Award 2012"
  • "Best Office Developer in CEE for 2011" awarded by Eurobuild
  • "Best Office Developer of the year 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007 and 2006 in Poland",awarded by CiJ
  • "Best Office Developer of the year 2006 in CEE", awarded by CEE Real Quality Awards
  • 4 times first place in Book of Lists ranking "Commercial real estate developers – Office"
    (2011, 2010, 2009)
  • First place in TOP 10 Developers in Poland category, in CiJ ranking 50 Top Office Developers
    in CEE: 2000 - 2010 
  • Third place in Top Office Developers in the CEE category, in CiJ ranking 50 Top Office Developers in CEE: 2000 - 2010 

Awards for projects:

  • Dmitrov Logistics Park
    • “Best Industrial Development Russia”, (5 stars) 2015-2016, awarded by European Property Awards
    • “Best Industrial Development Europe” 2015-2016, awarded by European Property Awards
    • “Best International Industrial Development” 2015-2016, awarded by International Property Awards
  • Ghelamco Arena
    • "Annual Interior Award, category: sports, 2014" awarded by Contract Design Magazine
  • Marynarska 12
    • "Best Office Lease of the Year for T-Mobile"
    • "Green Building of the year in CEE" awarded by CEE Green Building Awards
    • "Essa Green Award" awarded by CiJ
    • "Green Building of the year" awarded by Prime Property Prize Awards
  • Senator awarded by European Property Awards
    • "Best Office Development in Poland for 2012" awarded by Property Awards London
    • "Best Office Development in Europe for 2012" awarded by Property Awards London
    • "Best International Office Development 2012" awarded by Property Awards London
    • "Office Development of the year" awarded by CiJ
    • "New Office of the year in Poland 2012" awarded by Eurobuild Awards
    • "Essa Award - in recognition of sustainability" awarded by CiJ
    • "BREEAM Post Construction Assessment Award for Senator
    • "Office Investment Transaction of the year 2013"
  • Warsaw Spire
    • "Best Architectural design in Poland 2011"
    • "Office lease of the year 2013"
    • "Outstanding Business Achievement award" awarded by Eurobuild Awards
    • "Green building of the future" 2015
    • "Highly Commended Commercial High-rise Development Poland" 2016
    • "Environmental, Social and Sustainability Award (ESSA)" 2016
    • "Leading Green Building Development & Developer of the year" 2016
    • "Best Office Development & Developer of the year" 2016
    • MIPIM Award in category "Best Office and Business Development" 2017
    • CEEQA 2017 "Green Leadership Building of the Year"
    • CEEQA 2017 "Building of the year CEE"
    • CIJ Hall of Fame for Warsaw Spire in categories "Leading Green Building, ESSA and Office Development & Developer" 2017
    • "Investment of the Year" 2017 by Warsaw Business Journal
  • Plac Europejski
    • "The best public space in Poland 2016 by Towarzystwo Urbanistow Polskich"
    • "City Space of the Year 2016 by CIJ"
  • Mokotów Nova
    • "Best New Office Development in Poland in 2011"
    • "Essa Award – in recognition of ecological standard"
  • Crown Square
    • "Best New Office of the Year 2010 in Poland"
  • Marynarska Business Park
    • "CEE Real Estate Office Development of the Year 2008"
    • "Best Overall Development in 2008 in Poland"
  • Zaułek Piękna
    • "Best Office Project in Poland in 2005"
  • Crown Investments
    • "Best Office Project in CEE in 2004"